15 May 2021
Lockdown art | Mental Health Awareness Week
This piece was created during lockdown last spring and inspired by two things; a poem I came across on Instagram by @storydj that really resonated with me; and my personal feelings of not having seen my family and friends on the continent in months. Just occasionally - and more so in the difficult times we are currently experiencing - the fact that I am so many miles away from my family and childhood friends hits home.
Completing my degree in Graphic Design made me realise just how much of a blessing it is to be able to express myself creatively and have an outlet for my feelings and thoughts, just like some people do with music, writing or exercise I suppose.
So, I am dedicating this piece of art to ‘Mental Health Awareness Week’ (which happens to be right this week) and am sending my ♥️ to everyone with family and friends they can’t see at the moment. Times will get better!
20 April 2021
Representation matters
Representation is such an important buzz word, and seeing people like yourself in a position of power can have a massive effect on your perceived opportunities and aspirations - especially as a young person.
I recently had the pleasure of working with a lady who’s energy and enthusiasm I find truly inspiring, Gerry Anyanwu.
Gerry’s project, the uncommon collective is tackling this issue at the root by offering hands-on career advice and mentorship for young people from marginalised backgrounds aiming to enter the creative world, to ultimately make the industry more inclusive, diverse and a true reflection of society as a whole.
The brief was to create an identity that is identifiable and inspiring to both, a Gen Z audience as well as professionals within the education sector and the creative industries. 
My contribution included developing the identity and colour palette, along with a shiny new website and on-brand social media visuals with the key message being to inspire young people to courageously create their own space rather than fitting in a box.
Check out the website here: www.theuncommoncollective.co.uk
Read more about this project here: The uncommon collective
If you see other people like you high up than you believe you can get there, too. (Paul Stoeter, Sapient Razorfish)
This is a fact I also came across when writing my dissertation on women in the creative industry. When I asked female designers whether they thought they had equal opportunities as their male colleagues, their answers depended on one simple, but important factor - 
whether they had previously worked with a female creative director.
In 80% of the cases, if they had, they rated their opportunities as equal, 
if they hadn’t, they did not.
12 April 2021
Women empowering women
As a woman supporting other women and celebrating each other's successes has been something very close to my heart and a thread running through a lot of my creative work.
When I wrote my dissertation for my degree in Graphic Communication I dived deep into the realities of women within the creative industry, exploring issues of representation, stereotyping and what can be done to achieve progress in terms of true equality.
One of the key points I took away from writing my dissertation, is that, as women, we have to keep supporting each other to thrive. 
This is why in recent months I took the opportunity to work with the amazing organisation that is the Media Trust on a variety of pro bono creative projects with a particular focus on women’s issues.
Channeling my creativity to create positive change
At the end of 2020 I created a Christmas fundraising campaign for Nottingham Central Women’s Aid - a charity that supports women and children fleeing from domestic violence.
On 8th March - in celebration of International Women’s Day - I took part in 'Women’s Voices', a virtual event hosted by the Media Trust that brought together over 120 professionals from the media and creative industry to share their communication skills with charities that support, campaign and advocate for women and girls.
Participating at this event represented a massive step out of my comfort zone but it was a thoroughly enjoyable experience and the energy in the (Zoom) room was fantastic.
A change in direction to find my creative voice
For everyone that has followed my professional journey, you will know that I changed career direction only a few years ago and have since discovered the amazing opportunities that are out there for me to find my creative voice.
This journey has made me understand what a privilege and opportunity it is to be able to express myself, my feelings, emotions and want for change through my creativity and channel it into something positive and valuable.
What I learned from my dissertation
Advertising does not create culture (David Ogilvy)
I personally disagree. In my opinion advertising does not only reflect culture, it influences it, shapes and reinforces it, and certainly has the power to reverse it. So, this must ultimately mean, advertising can indeed create culture.
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